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Professional Interpreting services


Interpreting is essential when people who use different languages need to communicate with each other. At EK Translations, our qualified interpreters provide high quality, precise and accurate oral translations and interpreting services that enable real-time communication at conferences, business meetings, events, court hearings or over the phone.

From international conferences to school meetings, medical consultations to business meetings, EK Translations is committed to providing the perfect interpreter for you.

To ensure quality service, we employ experienced, qualified interpreters, who hold diplomas in Public Service Interpreting (DIPSI) and are native speakers.


Just want to say thanks for the quick efficient service you have provided for me. The translation of my wedding certificate was completed with ease and great value too, thanks for keeping me informed as you processed my request. I would recommend your service.”

Andrea Sibson
Conference Interpreting



Conference Interpreting


Conference Interpreting enables participants in a multilingual meeting to communicate with each other easily, removing the counter productive language barrier between them.

Face-to-Face Interpreting


In consecutive or face-to-face interpreting, the speaker talks for a short while, and then pauses while the interpreter translates.


It is usually used in smaller settings, such as training workshops, meetings and seminars.


Our experienced interpreters provide precise translations, whatever the occasion.

Escort Interpreting


Escort Interpreters generally translate informal conversations. Our escort interpreters are chosen for their proven track record within the travel and leisure industry.


If you are hosting a delegation of foreign visitors, we can meet clients at the airport and accompany them on tours and excursions.



Telephone interpreting


Telephone interpreting or over-the-phone interpreting can be used when it is either not possible or necessary to be present in person.


Telephone interpreting can be arranged on short notice, and can be a very affordable option as interpreters do not incur travel costs.


Telephone Interpreting

Court Interpreting


Interpreting for the police and courts is a specialist skill. Court interpreters must be able to accurately relay the message into the target language without


any additions or in any way altering the intended meaning of the message. All interpreters at EK Translation are experienced linguists qualified to work in the legal field.

Public Service Interpreting


Interpreting services can be required in legal, health, education, government and social services situations, amongst others.


Our tactful and diplomatic interpreters ensure smooth communication and help all parties get their messages across with ease.

EK Translations also provide:


  • Instant access to interpreters
  • Interpretation in any 100 languages
  • Fully qualified, accredited and experienced interpreters


Interpreters often deal with sensitive personal, medical or commercial information. To ensure your privacy is protected, all of our interpreters are CRB-checked and bound by confidentiality agreements.